Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, July 23rd

Holy Eucharist, Rite II, 9:30 a.m.; The Rev'd Mark Diebel, Celebrant. Mr. David Spring, Organist.

"We are not believers because it makes us comfortable. In fact, just the reverse is true: believing is the task of holding ourselves accountable to a system of values and principles that are difficult to achieve and constantly demanding, out of faith in a power that we cannot see but will always trust. Believers are people who seek to think critically, to get involved in difficult issues, and who try to sustain communities that practice the love they preach. Faith requires commitment to tradition and to change, all at once. It would be a lot easier to live without a spiritual discipline, but easy is not always as much fun." - Steven Charleston, Bishop of Navaholand.

Located: 11228 Rt. 32, Greenville, NY, 12083 CLICK HERE FOR MAP.

Christ Church is the only Episcopal Church in the township of Greenville. We are located on Route 32 north from the intersection at 81, across from the Scott M. Ellis Elementary School. Parking is available across from the church in the school parking area, and in front of the Parish House. The church is wheelchair accessible.

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