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The Township of Greenville has been around for a long time: over 200 years, as a matter of fact! It's a quiet, sleepy little village nestled in South of the Capital Region, and North of the Catskills, where all the souls of the world pass through, but never for more than a short time. A pity, because it's such a beautiful little town.

To find out more about the township of Greenville, visit their website at:
or our Wikipedia page at:,_New_York

Christ Church Memorial Garden

The purpose of our memorial garden is to provide a pleasant place for quiet reflection and an area for the interment of ashes to memorialize our loved ones. A path of pavers leads to a bench nestled in a quiet corner surrounded by an abundance of colorful flowers and shrubs. Pavers can be engraved in memory of those who have passed. The garden has been an on-going project providing an opportunity for our church members to work together for the glory of God and beautify the grounds of Christ Church. The memorial garden is located on the south side of the church and is open to all for private prayer or silence.

The grounds of Christ Church include a vast open yard which we use for annual picnics and events. There is a small wooden sanctuary streamside providing opportunities for quiet contemplation.
Located: 11228 Rt. 32, Greenville, NY, 12083 CLICK HERE FOR MAP.
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